Housing in Thailand

Housing in Bangkok

There is a diverse range of accomodation in Bangkok. It starts with choosing the right location. Most expats prefer to live in the Central Business District (CBD) of Sukhumvit and Sathorn to Bang Na in the South, Nichada Thani in the North and all points in between.

The CBD consists mainly of Condo’s and Servied Apartments, but there are also some houses and townhouses sandwiched within the concrete maze. There are also Suburban Villages or housing estates outside the CBD. They are planned neighborhoods that are usually quiet, more spacious and have cleaner air.
Serviced and Short-term leased Apartments:

The terms of lease are usually monthly, but weekly and fornightly rates are sometimes offered. Do not hesitate to negotiate especially if you are signing a long-term lease. A deposit is required usually between 1 – 3 months rent. You may forfeit the deposit if you leave prior to the lease expiry date.

Apartments and Condominiums

It is recommended to buy a map or location guide which list apartments and condominiums in Bangkok when apartment/condominium hunting. Apartments include readily available maintenance and repair-services, 24 hours security and facilities such as a gym, pool, garden or children’s play area.

Condominiums offer the same level of service as apartments however, condominium implies individual ownership so the interior facility and decoration can vary considerably within the same building.


There are a number of interesting townhouses tucked away down many sub-sois. They are usually less expensive than apartments. They are often multi-level with small garden areas. Some apartment complexes have a mix of apartments and townhouses in the same compound which therefore give the same level of security and facilities as the apartment.

Houses and Housing Estates

Expatriate Moo Bans (villages) are generally on the fringes of the central areas, eg. Cheng Wattana, Bang Na or the On Nut area. They offer a different style of living than apartments in the city. They usually have shared facilities such as tennis courts and swimming pools and have the feel of a small community. Check the property section in newspapers for private rentals or drive around an area that you like, looking out for advertisements on gates or posts.

Housing in Pattaya

Pattaya is located in the south-southwestern part of Chonburi Province and is vy close to the Industrial ares of Rayong Province. Pattaya is a preferred place to live because it has a large expat community and attendant expat infrastructure. There are also many beautiful and luxurious housing estates and condominiums around Chonburi and Rayong. The most popular expat area would still be Pattaya. Within Pattaya, there are two quiet seaside areas in the Na Klua region and Pattaya Hill. Some private beaches are reserved for the condominiums, housing groups and resorts located there. In Na Klua, the beach is continuous, and you can walk from one end to the other without being stopped.

* Seaside Rd., Jomtien – south of Pattaya, has some highrise condos with seaside views and houses that go right next to the beach.
* Pattaya Hill – in between Jomtien and Pattaya, has a few quiet condominium complexes.
* South Pattaya – has some good housing estates and condos inland
* Central Pattaya – is very crowded and doesn’t have many homes besides cheap thai style apartments.
* North Pattaya – has some quiet condominiums and housing estates inland.
* Seaside “Na Klua” – has a string of mostly highrise condominiums and houses.
* Pattaya “East” – here is a vast quieter area which includes housing estates, condominiums, golf courses and country clubs.

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