Taiwan Cuisine

Szechuan dishes

Szechuan dishes are distinguished by the clever use of various spices. Spicy ingredients such as fennel seed, chili, coriander are often applied to the hot dishes. Chicken, river fish, shellfish, smoked duck are popular in Taiwan. Other Shanghai dishes include drunken chicken, anchovies, sliced yellow fish, deep-fried sweet baby eel, stewed chicken with fried bean curd and etc.

Chaochou dishes

Chaochou a district within Canton province, has its unique style of cuisine quite different from Cantonese food. A Chaochou meal begins with a small cup of Tieh Kwun Yin tea to clean the palate and stimulate the taste buds. Shellfish dishes, shark’s fin soup, steamed goose in soy sauce are famous in Taiwan. Chaochou food is described as gusty and hearty, and chefs pride themselves on their skills in vegetable carving.

Shanghai dishes

Seafood is an outstanding feature of Shanghai cuisine. Shanghai dishes are actually refined combinations of delicious dishes from neighboring provinces. For the most part, Shanghai food is lightly spiced and relatively oily, and its sauces tend to be rich and slightly sweet. Popular Shanghai dishes are Beggar’s chicken, drunken chicken, steamed crab, fried prawns, vinegar fish, and steamed crab.

Cantonese dishes

Cantonese food is less spicy, more colorful, and is usually stir fried, which preserves both the texture and flavor. Favorite dishes include whole steamed fish, poached chicken, roast duck, roast pigeon, braised shark’s fin with greens, while a snack with dimsum and Chinese tea can also be delightful experience in Cantonese food.

Taiwanese dishes

Taiwanese cooking is an interesting branch of Eastern style, with a strong Japanese influence. Taiwanese cuisine is dominated by seafood and noted for its large variety of soups. Good choices are poached shrimp or squid, grilled eel, fried shrimp rolls, grilled clams and turtle soup.

Roasted Peking duck – Peking dish

Peking-style meals usually include vegetable dishes, soups, tofu (soybean curd) and fish. The best known and most typical dish is Peking duck, marinated roast duck fattened specially for the table, roasted in a special oven, and served with pancakes, spring onions or leeks, and sweet bean sauce. The food is mild in taste, is often slightly oily, vinegar and garlic are common ingredients; it is frequently fried, stewed or braised. Noodles and dumplings are also popular food in

Hunan dishes

Hunan dishes are either spicy and hot or sweet and sour. It is comparable to Szechuan cuisine, but oilier. Steamed dishes are particularly popular such as honey ham with dates. Favorite Hunan food includes preserved meat, shrimp wrapped in lettuce, and bamboo cup chicken.

Mongolian barbeque

Mogolian barbecue originated among the nomads of Mongolia and has been refined to a new level of excellence in Taiwan. Mongolian barbecue consists of meat, poultry and vegetables.

Crispy Green Onion Pancakes

These flaky flat breads can be found in street stalls throughout northern China and in Taiwan. Although the bread requires patience and labor, it is such a delectable treat that it is well worth the effort.

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