Spain expats complain about stage 3 lockdowns

As residents on Spain’s Costa del Sol complain about having to go through the 3 phase lockdown situation Brits give them some hard advice 

Expats have been moaning and complaining about the 3 phase system on Spain’s Costa del Sol with some wishing to stay in phase 1 whilst others don’t believe in the phases at all, but it has brought a strong response from fellow Brits.

Gary Jenkins wrote into the Euro Weekly News and said:

“All I’ll say to them is don’t rush to come back to the UK. Everyone’s ignoring the lockdown, the rules are open to all kinds of interpretations, and theres one set for the government and one for the people. We’re in so much debt its untrue but because people have been paid 80% to have a beer up and a long holiday it’s been all good. They’re all deluded. Wait until the second wave, it’s raining, nobody’s got a job, the government has run out of money and Christmas is upon us. They’ll wish they’d have social distances and stayed indoors then.”

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