Singapore Expat Launches Project to Help Virus Hit Bars

What pet project have you accomplished while stuck at home during the pandemic? One man used his time to call nearly 300 bars in Singapore and Bangkok – his two favorite cities – one by one every day for weeks to ask how they were getting by.

The fruits of his labor just launched at, which connects people directly to the delivery or gift certificate options at their favorite watering holes. It’s the work of Giuliano “Gino” Gottini, a Bangkok resident who said his passion project was born of boredom during the months-long COVID-19 outbreak which closed the bars in both places.

He said he spent weeks reaching out to about 80 bars in Singapore as well as a couple hundred in Bangkok to find out if and how they offered delivery or gift vouchers.

“Yes, I was that bored,” Gottini said.

He receives no commission or compensation of any kind, and said he just did it to help out struggling business owners and their employees.

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