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Malaysia: Land of opportunities

With an average economic growth between 5 to 10 % over the last twenty years, Malaysia certainly offers good employment opportunities. If you are keen on exploring the Far East and some challenging work opportunities, here is your destination.

Of course, all foreigners willing to work in Malaysia are required to apply for a work permit. The logical procedure is that the work permit application is to be made before entering Malaysia but most of the nationalities can also apply for it while having already entered the country with a visit pass (depending on your nationality, you will need or not a visa before entering Malaysia as a visitor, however, foreigners who are resident of the Commonwealth countries are exempted from visa application).

The following list is an overview of the different passes and visas that Beyond Corporate House can help you apply for.

Types of permit

Employment Pass (EP)

This is issued to foreigners who enter the country to take up a contract of employment with a minimum period of two years and earn a monthly income of not less than RM 5,000.

Visit Pass (temporary employment)

This is issued to persons who enter Malaysia to take up employment for less than 24 months.

Visit Pass (professional)

This is issued to foreigners who wish to enter the country for the purpose of engaging on short-term contract with any agency. The categories of foreigners who are eligible are:

• Artistes
• Volunteers
• Those entering for filming
• Invited lecturers / speakers
• Those entering for religious purpose
• Members of an International Organization
• Researchers recognized by the Government of Malaysia
• Experts in installation or maintenance of equipments

The validity of the pass varies but it cannot exceed twelve months at any one time.

Dependant Pass

This is issued to spouses and children of foreigners who have been issued with an employment pass. This pass may be applied for together with the application for an employment pass or after the employment pass is approved and its maximum duration is in relation with the duration of the employment pass (generally 2 years).

Spouse Permit

This is issued to foreign spouses married with a Malaysian Citizen for a duration between 6 months and two years.

Student Pass

This is issued to foreigners who enroll as students in any approved educational institution in Malaysia.

Training Pass

This is issued to foreigners who enter Malaysia to take up a training period for a period not exceeding 12 months

Malaysia My Second Home

This is issued to foreigners who wish to get a long term Social visit Pass in Malaysia. Duration of stay is for a period of 5 to 10 years with multiple entry visa. This program does not allow you to work in Malaysia.

It must be noted that all professional employment passes and permits are to be applied by and related to a local legal entity such as:

Private limited company (Sdn Bhd)

Companies need to have with at least two resident directors and a paid-up capital of at least 250,000 Ringgit. Depending on the activities of the company and the number of employment passes required, additional requirements might be imposed, such as a minimum Malaysian or Bumiputera equity, specific licenses or additional paid-up capital.

Representative Office

The Representative Office is an office of a foreign company approved to collect relevant information on investment opportunities in the country especially in the manufacturing sector, develop bilateral trade relations, promote the export of Malaysian goods/products and carry out research & development.

Regional Office

The Regional Office is an office of a foreign corporation that serves as the coordination centre for the corporation’s affiliates, subsidiaries and agents in S-E Asia and Asia Pacific. The Regional Office established is responsible for designated activities of the corporation within the region it operates.

Both Regional and representative office do not require any paid-up capital or shareholding.

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