Malaysian Driving License Transfer

When you are moving to Malaysia and plan to stay for a longer time, it is highly recommended to transfer your national or international driving license to a Malaysian driving license. Beyond Corporate House is most delighted to assist you on the transferal of your driving license.

To able to apply for a Malaysian driving license one has to submit the following documents;

1. Original visa valid for more than six months
2. Original driving license
3. English translation of your driving license from the Consulate / Embassy of the country of origin
4. Recent passport photograph of yourself

Next, prepare and familiarize yourself with the steps involved:

• First, note that there are two key application centres.
– The first is the JPJ in Putrajaya.
– The second is the JPJ in Wangsa Maju, KL.

• Find out which application center you need to contact. E.g. English, American or South African applications need to be submitted first to JPJ Putrajaya. You can find out which application center you will have to go to by contacting any JPJ office.

• The JPJ Putrajaya will take about one month for your application to be finalised. After JPJ Putrajaya you will have to proceed to JPJ Wangs Maju for another approval. JPJ Wangsa Maju will only take one day for an approval (but bear in mind the long waiting hours and documents need to be filled out in Bahasa Malaysia!)

• If you can submit your application immediately to JPJ Wangsa Maju, you do not have to wait one month; in fact, you can go there immediately to complete the approval procedure. Just make sure you get there early, and be prepared for the queues and paperwork.

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