Buying and Selling Cars in Malaysia

Transportation by means of a motor vehicle in Malaysia is almost a necessity. Yet to buy one can be a risky venture. More so for an expat who has little or no information that can help avoid the many unknown pitfalls. If you are not familiar with the local automobile market or the common practices (or malpractices) you can easily end up buying the wrong car from the wrong place at the wrong price.

However such costly mistakes can still be avoided. Mr. Peter Fong of City Motors Sdn. Bhd., an auto dealership established since 1965 has served the expat and diplomat community with much success.
In the motor business since 1975, Peter Fong has been buying and selling high quality vehicles amongst expats and diplomats. His sincerity in providing free professional advice to help the expat community has earned him many favorable recommendations and testimonies.

Having seen and heard of many distressful experiences by expats in the transaction of buying and selling their vehicles, Mr. Fong felt the need to offer his experience and advise the following:

Perodua Kembara – City Motors MalaysiaProton Wira – City Motors MalaysiaCity Motors Malaysia

Buying a Car

Do not rush into a purchase. Get sufficient information.

Deal with an established and reputable dealership. Good source of references are relocation companies, expat associations, expat magazines and websites, colleagues or even Peter Fong himself who is ever willing to help with no obligations on your part.

When buying a car which was imported by a non-franchise distributor, demand copies of import license (AP) and custom duties receipt.
As in many countries, odometer tampering is common. If suspicious, check the vehicles brake pedal to see if it reflects the mileage recorded. Request for the service record.

To avoid buying a stolen car, particular from unknown sources, ask for the original invoice, service manual and insurance policy.
Avoid buying cars previously involved with major accidents or a “salvaged” vehicle. If unsure, ask for an inspection report from the Road Transport Department (PUSPAKOM).

If vehicle registration card (grant/title) is not an original copy (a duplicate copy will have the word “Salinan” or “Sambungan” on top left corner) request for a photocopy of the original card.

If you trade-in your old car, have it written specifically on the sales invoice (to know how bad things can get, call Mr. Fong)
If resale value is one of your concerns, choose vehicles that are popular locally. Vehicles with a large engine capacity are less popular due to it higher annual road tax, insurance and fuel consumption. However a good unit can be “good value for money” by virtue of its low price.

It is a fact that well kept used vehicle with low mileage (genuine) with minimum ownership and free from accidents is much favored.
Driving a brand new vehicle off the lot represent an immediate reduction of 20% to 30% in resale (even more for unpopular models). Unless you are sure of staying for couple of years, think again before buying.

Finally, deal with dealerships that are willing to buy it back from you when the need to sell arises.

Mazda Premacy – City Motors MalaysiaHyundai Trajet Navigator – City Motors MalaysiaPerodua Kembara – City Motors Malaysia

Selling you Car

If you are relocating to another country, start working on the sale of your vehicle at least a month in advance.

Cash on delivery (COD) arrangements should be your preferred payment option and MUST include concurrently the full payment of any outstanding balance due to the bank. Payment by bank draft (banker’s cheque) is a fair request.

For security reason, always have a man present when selling your car, especially when advertised to the public.

If an unknown person asks to test drive your vehicle, demand that they leave behind his or her “Identity Card” and always go along for the ride. Only allow a test drive if an estimated price is agreed upon and when you feel comfortable doing so. Use your best judgment and common sense.

Once again, for a hassle-free and safer transaction deal with a reputable dealer.

To help you avoid all the listed problems, you can freely consult Mr. Peter Fong directly at:
012-201 3503
03 – 2282 3795 or

He also offers to buy or sell a selection of quality vehicles at fair prices. Loan facility is available too.

Yearly renewal of road tax & insurance can be arranged at your doorstep.

Maintenance, repair & service back up is provided.

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