Hong Kong Geography

Eastern Asia, bordering the South China Sea and China

Geographic coordinates:
22 15 N, 114 10 E

Map references:
Southeast Asia

Total: 1,092 sq km
Water: 50 sq km
Land: 1,042 sq km

Area – comparative:
Six times the size of Washington, DC

Land boundaries:
Total: 30 km
Regional border: China 30 km

733 km

Maritime claims – as described in UNCLOS 1982 (see Notes and Definitions):
Territorial sea: 3 NM

Tropical monsoon; cool and humid in winter, hot and rainy from spring through summer, warm and sunny in fall

Hilly to mountainous with steep slopes; lowlands in north

Elevation extremes:
Lowest point: South China Sea 0 m
Highest point: Tai Mo Shan 958 m

Natural resources:
Outstanding deepwater harbor, feldspar

Land use:
Arable land: 5.05%
Other: 93.94% (1998 est.)
Permanent crops: 1.01%

Irrigated land:
20 sq km (1998 est.)

Natural hazards:
Occasional typhoons

Environment – current issues:
Air and water pollution from rapid urbanization

Environment – international agreements:
Party to: Marine Dumping (associate member)

Geography – note:
More than 200 islands

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