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Work Permits in Sweden

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    You must have a work permit in order to work in Sweden. Once you have been granted a permit, it must be entered into your passport before your arrival.

    Obtaining a Swedish work permit is no easy matter. Swedes, foreign citizens already living in Sweden and EU/EEA citizens have preference over others in obtaining work here.

    If there is a temporary shortage of labor, or if you have obtained employment as part of an international exchange programme, the Migration Board may grant you a work permit.

    If the offer of work is for more than three months you will also require a Swedish residence permit.

    A specialist employed by an international concern and traveling to and from Sweden in that capacity in order to work for temporary periods does not require a work permit. This applies if total duration of stay in Sweden is less than 12 months.

    What are the requirements?

    * You must have a written offer of employment in Sweden, made out on a special form which your employer can obtain via the National Labour Market Board’s web site Your employer must send it to you so that you can enclose it with your application.

    * Your employer shall guarantee you pay, insurance coverage and other terms of employment equal to at least the collective agreement or Swedish practice in the profession or the branch of trade.

    * Accommodation must have been arranged for you in Sweden

    * You must be fully prepared to leave Sweden when your term of employment is over.

    Where do I apply?

    First time applications
    The first time you apply for a work permit, you do so at a Swedish embassy or consulate in your country of origin or in your country of domicile.

    Extension of permits
    If you want to renew your permit, send an application to the Migration Board Migrationsverket, Tillståndsenheten, SE 601 70 Norrköping, Sweden. Alternatively, you can apply at any of the Migration Board offices in Sweden.

    How do I pay the application fee?

    First time applications
    You pay the application fee when you apply at the embassy or consulate-general. If you apply via the Internet, you must pay by credit card and cannot then pay at an embassy or a consulate-general.

    Extensions of permits
    * You pay the fee at one of Migration Board’s offices in Sweden.

    * You may pay the fee into our postal giro account instead. The Migration Board’s postal giro account no. for permits for work or studies is 95 78 46-9. This postal giro number also applies to close relatives of someone who is applying for or already has these permits.

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