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    For theatre lovers, there are several places in Guatemala City where comedy, drama, and dance are performed. The Centro Cultural Miguel Angel Asturias has two theatres, one with a capacity of 2079 and the other 305, as well as an open-air theatre. The building is built to resemble a crouching jaguar and, on its sides, has paintings of jaguars, volcanoes and other aspects of Guatemalan nature. This is an enormous arts centre, and here you can enjoy many types of performance, including shows by the famous National Folk Ballet. Another important theatre is the April Theatre (9 Av. 14-22, Zone 1), an architectural treasure that offers entertainment for all ages.

    In Zone 1, there are two theatres, the Popular University and The Comedies. In Zone 4, there is the small IGA Theatre and the Teatro Reforma, in Zone 9, the Teatro España. The Escudilla del Tecolote, a restaurant and theatre combined, in Zone 10, is a pleasant place to spend an evening. Plays are advertised in the national press or you can phone (502) 0 220-0185, an information line provided by the Prensa Libre newspaper.

    When it comes to nightlife in Guatemala City, things start to liven up in the traditional bars of the city centre at about five o’clock in the evening. At the Arrin-Cuan on the corner of Avenida 5 and Calle 3 in Zone 1, for example, you can try turtle soup, tepezcuintle, venison, kak-ick, and other delicacies, with fine imported and Guatemalan drinks, and then dance the night away to live marimba music.

    Another traditional bar, dating from the 1940s, is El Portalito in Pasaje Rubio, almost opposite the Plaza Mayor de la Constitución, where you can enjoy traditional marimba music in a charming wood-décorated setting. Here the specialities are pigeons in sherry, and light, dark, or mixed beers. If you prefer a smaller establishment, El Tuztepito is often open until dawn, especially on weekends.

    In the Zona Viva, in Zone 10 in the south of the city, dozens of venues compete to offer the finest food and best entertainment. This area is now the city’s most popular attraction, bursting with nightclubs, discos, bars, restaurants, and shops selling jade, silver, pottery and fashion based on tribal embroidery designs.

    Loros is a good place to start, with its excellent dance music and exotic cocktails. Or, for a larger venue with several bars in different styles, including old-fashioned, try Kalhua, next to the Hotel Westin Camino Real. In the Los Próceres shopping centre is the Las Terrazas leisure centre, with a whole range of attractions from discos to bars. Othello is a quiet bar. Manaos, El Optimista, Shelock´s, and the Sushi Itto each have their own distinctive style.

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