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Nightlife in Ethiopia

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    The small Azmari Bet, the small funny bars, the open-air bars, the traditional and modern night clubs with a friendly atmosphere will make your nightlife in Addis Ababa very enjoyable.

    Basically Addis is famous for its nightlife. People from all over Ethiopia and also from neighbouring countries like Djibouti come here to enjoy its thrilling nightlife.

    Generally it’s a safe city but you should avoid going through the small and dark streets at night which are always not very safe in any city.

    All kind of drinks are available in all the bars, from blue label to vodka. A warning to male travellers, outside of the Gaslight, The Blackrose and other expat haunts, women in Ethiopian nightclubs are almost all prostitutes. The Concorde and Memos are particulary famous in this regard.

    If you want to drink the national drink of Ethiopia, you have to try the ‘tej’ which brewed from honey. You can also try ‘tela’ which is like a beer.


    * Gaslight is the fancy nightclub at the Sherton. If the famous owner Al Moudi is in town, you may catch a glimpse of him here. Inside, it feels like an upscale Western disco. Be sure not to wear jeans or sneakers, as they have a fairly strict dress code.

    * Memo is a seedy nightclub with a pretty good dance floor. Be sure to try the bozena shiro in the outdoor courtyard.

    * Club Illusion is the best in Addis. There is a cover charge but the drinks inside are very inexpensive. The music and dancing is great. Like usual, the main problem is the bathrooms.

    * Meda Sports Bar and Grill has a large, spacious bar which is comfortable for chatting or watching a game. The downstairs lounge provides a more intimate setting for quiet conversations. And upstairs, the loft has a relaxed, casual dining atmosphere – all the best of Ballston, VA in one convenient stop!

    * The Black Rose has an energetic atmosphere that is both comfortable and fashionable, and the bar serves a variety of drinks. The bartenders mix the best Cosmo this side of the Nile.

    * Divine on Bole Road, on the top floor of Sheger House, is currently one of the coolest clubs in Addis. It features a very western-orientated playlist along with ample space for relaxing and a pumping dance floor on weekends.

    Do you know any good bars or nightclubs? Share them here.

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