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    Malta has a comprehensive health service which is funded from taxation and is free to patients. All EU nationals resident in Malta are eligible to receive free medical treatment from government-funded hospitals and clinics. The main general hospital is St Luke’s in Guardamangia, where all major operations are performed. There is also a general hospital in Gozo offering a wide range of medical facilities. Throughout the islands, towns and villages have their own medical clinics. There are charges for prescription medicines, but people on low-incomes and those suffering from specified chronic diseases are exempt from payment.

    The Maltese Ministry of Health advises foreign residents to take out private medical insurance. There are three very good private hospitals in Malta.

    Tourists from the UK and Australia who are visiting Malta for less than 30 days are eligible under reciprocal health agreements for free emergency medical treatment at a state-run hospital.

    Travellers are not normally required to provide certificates of vaccination or insulation on their arrival in Malta.

    Tap water is safe to drink, but bottled water is also widely available. Milk and dairy products are safe, as are local meat, seafood, fruit and vegetables.

    Directory of Hospitals & Clinics

    Capua Palace Hospital
    Gorg Borg Olivier Street
    Sliena SLM 12
    Tel: + 356 2133 5235
    Fax: + 356 2133 5077

    Gozo General Hospital
    Tel: + 356 561 600

    Klinika Vella
    43/44 Dun Filippo Callejja Street
    Tel: + 356 2146 4757

    Mosta Outpatients Clinic
    Plot 2 Triqil-Kissier
    Tel: + 356 2143 3146

    Saint James Hospital
    Saint James Square
    Zabbar ZBR 05
    Tel: + 356 2169 2002
    Fax: + 356 2169 2030

    St. Julian’s Outpatients Clinic
    St. George’s Road
    St. Julian’s
    Tel: + 356 2137 6360
    Fax: + 356 2138 3976

    St. Mark’s Health Clinic
    Clarence Street
    Msida MSD 10
    Tel: + 356 2124 6654

    St. Philip’s Hospital
    St.Venera HMR 16
    Tel: + 356 442 211
    Fax: + 356 446 030

    Zammit Clapp Hospital
    St. Julian’s
    Tel: + 356 344 950
    Fax: + 356 344 914

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