Expat Interviews

Share your expat experience with the world!

One of the best ways to learn about expat life in a certain country or city is to hear directly from someone who has done it. We are looking for current or former expats who want to share their story.

We can do interviews by email if you prefer writing out your responses or we can get on Zoom and talk and record the interview to share.

So why should I even bother, I hear you ask.

By sharing your experience you can help other people so they can decide if that might be the place they want to live. It is a good way to give back to the community and pay forward. Maybe you read an article an or saw a video online which inspired you to become an expat and move to a particular place.

If you have a blog, website, business or would like to promote any particular worthwhile cause, you can do this also. If you are interested, please fill in the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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