Maids in Croatia

Most expatriate families do not have live-in employees. Families tend to hire a housekeeper, babysitter, waiter, or caterer on a temporary, or as-needed basis. There are many young university students in Zagreb who speak English and like to baby-sit. The average wage for child care is $4-6 per hour.

If employed on a full time basis (40 hours/week), the employer’s total costs would be approximately:

• Maid: $700-1,000;
• Cook: $1,200-1,400;
• Driver: $1,000-1,200;
• Gardener: $1,000-1,200.

These are gross monthly salaries. The employer is responsible for making all social security contributions, while the employee is responsible for reporting and paying personal income tax.

If employees are employed from time to time, or just a few hours per week, there is no employer-employee relationship, and employees are generally paid at an hourly rate.

Hourly rates vary:

• Maid: $4-7 per hour;
• Cook: $7-9 per hour;
• Driver: $5-7 per hour;
• Gardener: $5-7 per hour.

If you are planning to bring a domestic employee to Post, the Government of Croatia requires the individual to be declared through the local police (Department for Foreigners).

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