Shanghai Cuisine

Shanghai ‘s international focus can be found back in Shanghai ‘s cuisine. Besides all regional Chinese food one can find a wide variety of international food anywhere.

Food from Shanghai itself is mostly known for being sweet and oily. Shanghai also has its own variety of the well-known ‘dim sum’, try xiao long bao (steamed pork dumplings) or jiaotzi . Since Shanghai is located next to big waters seafood is a must; try river fish or hairy crab. Basically all international food is available, from the Japanese ‘teppanyaki’ to the infamous McDonalds.

Shanghai ‘s street snacks are the city’s main culinary claim to fame. You’ll see countless sidewalk stands selling the famed xiao long bao, as well as shuijiao, (Chinese ravioli) and mantou (steamed dumplings without any filling).

When eating out in China it is common to order several dishes and you share everything with your partners. Eating at a typical Chinese restaurant could cost less than Y40, but expect that a simple Western meal will cost much more than back home. Giving tips is not expected.

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