Aug 21
What don’t expats like about living in Portugal

Every country has its pros and cons and when looking for a country to live in, you…

Aug 13
Kuwait may deport 360,000 expats from the country

Kuwait Times reports that the Kuwait government might be getting ready to deport…

Aug 11
Expat families value health and wellness in new survey

In a new survey by Allianz Care, around 73 percent of those people interviewed put…

Jul 15
Barbados to Allow 12 Month Remote Working Visa

Barbados is planning to allow expats to stay in the country for 12 months to work…

Jun 24
No entry for expats to Saudi Arabia until end of Covid-19 pandemic

Passport authority responds on Twitter to expats who are currently outside the Kingdom…

Jun 18
British expats in Spain build house entirely from trash

A BRITISH expat couple spent seven years building their dream home in Spain from…

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