Culture and People in Andorra


The culture of Andorra is highly influenced by the Romans. A prominent feature found in the culture of Andorra is the Romanesque art. Romanesque art is scattered in the valleys of the country. There are more than 50 Romanesque churches in Andorra. You will also find a number of museums in this country. The culture of Andorra is also affected by the Spanish influence.

The most valued and recognised asset of the culture of Andorra is the legacy of Romanic art. Romanic art is the national art of Andorra. In this country, there are more than fifty churches classed as Romanic. However, all the museums of Andorra are not Romanic. A collection of museums, some of them national museums and some private, safeguard the history of Andorra.

Andorra’s long history has provided it with a rich folklore and an abundance of folk tales. The roots of these stories originated from as far as Andalusia in the south and the Netherlands in the north. This has aided the religion in Andorra in the long run. There is mainly one religion in this country.


Literature occupies an important position in Andorra culture. Some of the famous writers of this country are Albert Salvado, Antoni Morell and Joan Peruga. Andorran culture is Catalan in essence. In other words, the culture of Andorra has made a significant and easily identifiable contribution to the conglomerate of Catalan culture. Two writers famous in Catalonia and the region, Michele Gazier and Ramon Villero are from Andorra.

In addition, Ricard Fiter, a renowned writer, not only comes from Andorra, but also serves as the Principality’s ombudsman. Yet the tradition of writing in Andorra dates farther back than the 20th century; Antoni Fiter i Rossell, from the parish of Ordino, wrote a history book of his lands called Digest manual de las valls neutras de Andorra in 1748, describing the feudal historical and legal setting of Andorra.


Music has also influenced the culture of Andorra. The International Jazz Festival is celebrated during the month of June in Andorra. The Ordino Classical Music Festival is celebrated during September. These are two of the most popular festivals in Andorra.


Typical dances, such as the marratxa and the contrapàs, are especially popular at feasts. Among famous feasts are the one honouring Sant Jordi, when books and roses are given as presents; the People’s feast, celebrating Saint John and the summer solstice, and the feast of Saint Stephen (Sant Esteve), patron saint of Andorra la Vella. Andorrans tend to celebrate their feasts gladly and loudly.

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