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Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) Vietnam Palm & Face Reading

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Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) Vietnam Palm & Face Reading

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Postby Peter Low » Wed Apr 20, 2011 3:09 pm

Contact Master Lai in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) Vietnam.
Telephone: +841218676665.

In Master Lai International Geomancy, aptitude is the winning factor. Although Master Lai serves a celebrity clientele, he is a down to earth man who does what he does best with modesty.
Master Lai speaks with a good sense of humour, but when it comes to work, he is very serious and dedicated. He often goes to his clients' houses for fortune telling, card reading, plam reading & face reading, explaining its theories as he works out the remedies. Master Lai does not convey superstitious believes, but chooses to combine the scientific components of Feng Shui and modern design to create a favourable environment for his clients. His friendliness and sincerity have won him a lot of praises. Since Master Lai started his fortune telling consultancy service in 1988 in KL (Malaysia) in a temple., he has accumulated over 23 years of experiences and is recognised and trusted because of his seniority, professionalism and capabilities.
Master Lai is a time-honoured and popular brand. He serves a vast clientele from different walks of life, who come to him for various kinds of concerns such as driving away bad luck, improving health, enhancing academic performances, stepping-up in career, and even promoting money luck. Since he started providing Fortune Telling consultation services, he has always been kept busy by returning and new customers and has enjoyed roaring business.
"There are many examples of an overall improvement in my clients' life after implementing Feng Shui remedies," said Master Lai. "For instance, some of my clients enjoy better relationships with their spouses and better health, while others enjoy better businesses and their children perform better in school. Besides, some others have better money luck and even win windfalls."
Master Lai does not choose his clients but serves people from all walks of life equally. Other than providing Fortune Telling makeovers to help people improve their lives, Master Lai is very active in helping the needy through charity works. As he believes in giving back to the society. During the Chinese New Year, Master Lai visits the elderly who live in a old folk's home & orphan homes & disable homes to gives out some red packets and hampers to them, wishing them joy and happiness in the new year. Master Lai also donate coffin to those people who is in-need.
Always striving for excellence, Master Lai will continue to provide first-class Fortune-Telling services for his clients. Backed up by 23 years of experiences in Fortune-Telling consultation, Master Lai is certainly an expert who is making himself and Malaysia proud.
Master Lai believes that as the school of fortune telling develops and matures, living standards will be improved and this in turn will promote a more harmonious and stable society, which will be beneficial for progress and growth.
Contact Master Lai Today
Telephone: +841218676665.
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