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Travelling to Uzbekistan: some questions

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Travelling to Uzbekistan: some questions

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Postby Writer-Ukraine » Fri Sep 11, 2009 2:33 pm


I’m a 24 year-old British translator and editor, currently working in Kyiv, Ukraine. I’ve been planning a journey through the Caucasus and Central Asia for a couple of years – I’m writing a collection of travel stories - and it looks as if next spring I’ll finally have the time and money to make it happen.

I have a degree in Russian, and studied in Russia before moving to Ukraine, but I have always been captivated by the culture in the satellite states. I have read a fair amount about Uzbekistan, but haven’t found much information that is helpful for planning a journey.

So, my questions are:

- How easy/safe is it to move across the country, and across borders? How expensive/reliable are trains and marshrutki?

- What are the visa requirements for short-term, tourist stays?

- How widely is Russian spoken in towns and cities? Do people react to foreigners positively or negatively?

- How many expats are there, generally?

- What are Uzbekistan’s landmarks? – (not necessarily the biggest tourist attractions, but the places that best represent the country and its people).

- What is a realistic daily budget (two meals, transport and accommodation)?

Apologies if I’ve asked any questions that appear a hundred times on the forum. I’d be very grateful for any advice, ideas and information.


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