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What Would You Do?

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What Would You Do?

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Postby Thurmoumb » Sat Apr 18, 2009 3:08 pm

Yep, it's a zombie thread.

So, there's been a Zombie Apocalypse - civilisation is crumbling around you, as zombies are going around killing everyone. You're making your way to a safe haven - a city protected by the army. It's location is broadcast on every radio station, and all the survivors of the holocaust are to head there as soon as possible with any and all supplies possible. You and your group of survivors are heading to the safe zone. You have weapons, ammunition, and minimal supplies, sufficient enough to support and sustain your group on its journey. You travel some of the way by car, but mostly by foot as the major roads are blocked by abandoned cars and wreckages.

On the way to the safe zone, you have to pass through several towns and cities - which are undoubtedly infested with zombies. What do you do?
You run through quickly and quietly, drawing as little attention to yourself as possible, fighting only when absolutely necessary to remain safe. You pick up any supplies or medecine you can find on your way through, but take absolutely no risk to get them.
You run through quickly and quietly, drawing as little attention to yourself as possible - yet take minimal to average risks to get any supplies and medecine you can reach with relative safety.
You hunt down and kill as many zombies as you possibly can on your journey, within reasonable safety of the group, taking any and all supplies and medecine the town has left, regardless of the risk. For example, raiding pharmacies and surgery's, supermarkets/malls and shops - despite the definite presence of zombies throughout.
Choose wisely and give reasoning.
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