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What should music be about?

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What should music be about?

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Postby SongMann » Sat Apr 18, 2009 10:04 am

What are your favourite (lyrical) themes in music?
Are there any you don't like?
I generally dislike love-songs.. or these girl power-thingies you see on MTV (but I guess that's normal for a guy).
Of the music I actually listen to I'm not particular fond of the workers ethics in classic rock songs.. you know, about the booze and the relationships that don't really go your way
I also dislike the superficial 'love for everything'-mumbo jumbo in new age music, it's so cheesy..
And the gore and p*rn in some heavy metal.
Politics are also a real turn-off for me. Either I disagree with the views (and thus feel annoyed) or because it's too down to earth (I prefer fantasy).
My favourite themes are culture & history, mysticism and the occult, fantasy, war, nature, solitude and anger/hatred. Quite the bombastic stuff.
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