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Postby Russia Info » Wed May 30, 2007 7:46 am



Valid 10-year passport required by all.

Note: Whilst in the country, visitors must carry ID at all times. Rather than carry original documents, it is advisable to carry photocopies of passports and visas, which will facilitate replacement should either be stolen.


Required by all except the following, provided arriving from their country of origin:

(a) nationals of CIS countries (except nationals of Georgia and Turkmenistan who do require visas);

(b) nationals of Cuba for stays of up to 30 days;

(c) nationals of Mongolia, provided visiting for purposes of business and holding letter of invitation and return tickets, or travelling as tourists and holding prepaid hotel vouchers;

(d) transit passengers who are continuing their journey within 24 hours without leaving the transit area.

Types of visa and cost

Tourist, Business, Private and Transit:
US$52 , if visa is processed in minimum eight working days. (Processing within three to five days costs US$103 ; next-day processing US$137 ; same-day processing US$155 ; processing within one hour US$206 ) An additional US$17 is payable for a double-entry visa.

Multiple-entry: US$172 , standard six working days' processing (same-day processing costs US$258 ).

Express: US$206.

All French passport holders younger than 18 years pay half rate.


(a) Nationals of some countries may have to pay a Consular fee in addition to the visa processing charges listed. Enquire at the Consulate or Consular section of Embassy for a list of nationals and prices.

(b) Transit visas are required by all except passengers remaining in the transit zone of Moscow Sheremetievo airport for less than 24 hours.


Dependent on purpose of trip. Transit visas are valid for up to three days. Tourist visas are valid for up to one month. Private visas are valid for up to 90 days.

Application to

Consulate or Consular section at Embassy.

Application requirements

(a) Completed application form.
(b) One recent passport-size photo stapled twice to upper-right corner of application form.
(c) Passport valid for at least six months after visa expires, with at least two blank pages.
(d) Fee, payable in cash only or postal orders for postal applications.
(e) Postal applications must be accompanied by a large, pre-paid special delivery, self-addressed envelope.

(a)-(e) and,
(f) Original tourist voucher (exchange order) issued by an authorised travel company stating their reference number, passenger names, dates of entry and exit, confirmation of payment, full itinerary, places to be visited, means of transportation and confirmation in Russian language. The voucher should be stamped and signed by an authorised person.
(g) A standard tourist confirmation of acceptance (in the Russian language) issued by Russian tourist company or hotel accredited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Russia, showing tourist reference number given by Russian Foreign Minister and names of applicants, full itinerary and dates of entry/exit.

Private (for visiting relations or friends):
(a)-(e) and,
(f) Official original letter of invitation from Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs.

(a)-(e) and,
(f) An official letter of invitation from company or organization in the Russian Federation responsible for visit, certified by the local branch of Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs.
(g) An introductory letter from applicant’s company stating purpose of visit, itinerary, dates of entry and exit, assuming financial responsibility for the visit and stating the companies to be visited.

(a)-(d) and,
(e) Original and copy of confirmed air ticket to and from the Russian Federation.

(a)-(e) and,
(f) Original and a copy of your confirmed air ticket to and from Russia.


(a) Those who are traveling in groups (standard package tours, coach tours, international competitions and cruises) should submit all documentation to the tour operator making the travel arrangements. For visits to relatives/friends in the CIS, enquire at the Consulate for details of application procedures.

(b) All travellers staying in the Russian Federation for longer than three days must register their visas through their hotel or sponsor. Private visitors must register with local police on arrival. For travel to Tajikistan, your invitation should be confirmed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Tajikistan.

(c) French nationals should also have their previous three months’ bank statements, medical insurance and a copy of their tickets.

(d) German nationals and all other Schengen country nationals, plus holders of Israeli or Estonian passports, should have travel insurance valid in the Russian Federation.

(e) USA passport holders are required to fill out a special visa application form.

(f) Since February 2003, every foreign citizen is given a migration card free of charge when they cross the Russian border. They must fill in their personal data, terms, purpose of visit and prospective place of residence and present the card when applying for registration within three days of arrival. The migration cards must be handed back upon departure.

Processing time

1 to 12 working days, depending on type of visa. Postal applications take at least 8 to 12 days to process. Applications for visas may not be made earlier than three months before departure. Visas should be submitted 0900-1200; visas submitted 1500-1600 will be charged at the Express Visa fee.

Exit visas

Exit visas are required by all passengers who want to leave the country and are normally issued together with the entry visa. If the exit permit has not yet been issued by the representative of the Russian Federation which issued the visa, aliens should obtain it two days prior to departure at the latest from the Intourist Service Bureau in their hotel.

Temporary residence

Temporary residence permits are normally only issued to people born in the USSR, those who have a close family connection to Russia or is married to a Russian citizen or permanent resident, or who are investing a significant sum of money in the country. For further information, enquire at Embassy.
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Tourism near White sea

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Tourism near White sea
Fascinatingly (wildlife of the North of Russia, antiquity and modern life of Russia)
you will see everything you’ve ever read and dreamed.
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