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looking for funds raising

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looking for funds raising

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Postby 4xman » Tue Mar 31, 2009 7:45 am


this is my webportfolio profit of month +7.07%. (03/2009)

I am ready to offer to your attention a business facilities on investments in foreign exchange market Forex, I`m glad to offer for you to consideration and candidacy as a private money manager, with more than seven years in online trading industry i developed several trading models and have done successful work in this business field, amongst my client to highcodear companies as well as quotient investors. I am ready to offer You full package of information concerning conduct of my business to your consideration for analysis of my work and I also ready to offer you performance of my work even in mode of the realtime when trading large contracts currency pairs by thereby I want to represent openness of my business for each potential investor or group of investors. You will be able to see real my work rather then simply broker extracts my count though I can represent and them. As to result of my work that I can say as a professional and certified trader in this area that capable to realize the different projects investion specially designed for you, at the average profit from my work forms 1-5% from embedded facilities of the investor at week in long term period expected Return on Investments ROI can exceed +50-150% in year, when trading large contracts. Also I work and with other investment programs on investion facilities, when trading contract shares of some companies for instance, basically oil sector of the russian companies MICEX, asian markets HSI, Nikkey, and asian fx currencies, commodities Gold&Silver, or highcoliquid shares of other foreign companies. So I want to represent my candidacy as a private money manager and offer you partnership in this sphere of the business in case of mutual interest. I am ready to go on negotiations with you as a sole investor or your company in the event of mutual interest and ready to represent any investment programs in online trading industry upon your request.

Respectfully yours,

FX Money Manager

Phone 08442564556 (UK)
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