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CELAâ„¢ Certificate in English Language - Be an agent

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CELAâ„¢ Certificate in English Language - Be an agent

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Postby anthou1959 » Sun Jan 09, 2011 8:38 am

Agents needed for Certificate in English language program.
The Certificate in English Language (CELAâ„¢) is an internet based language program with 3 levels of proficiency, with certificates issued by the London Teacher Training College.

CELAâ„¢ allows students to:
• Study anywhere and at any time
• Use a comprehensive textbook to guide their studies
• Use 1000’s of online resources
• Get individual and forum support from qualified English tutors
• Take tests and examinations to measure progress
• Gain a certificate to demonstrate their proficiency to employers, college admission bodies, and business partners.

CELAâ„¢ is set to revolutionise English language learning worldwide, making it accessible and economical with a high degree of credibility. Be a part of this revolution and become an officially appointed agent today.

As an agent:
• You will supply the CELA™ learning package to individuals, employers and other organizations.
• You will earn up to 25.07% commission on the unit price of US$399 (US$100).
• You will enjoy a high level of customer satisfaction resulting in repeat orders.
Selling just one package at the lowest commission level will earn you US$80. Each package sold at the highest level of commission will earn you US$100!

Please contact me: and I will reply with further details.

Anthony Houldsworth

CELAâ„¢:developing a worldwide online learning community
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