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How Women Can Look Good Inside and Out of the Gym ?

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How Women Can Look Good Inside and Out of the Gym ?

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Postby jasmine007 » Mon Sep 15, 2008 6:15 pm

Hello friends

The following tips are are for those gorgeous girls and mature women who spend their quality time in Gym to look the same outside of the Gym as well ?
Have Fun ....

1. Throw out your bodysuits and leg warmers

Avoid oversized shirts and shorts. While these items might feel comfortable they tend to make you look unkept and can be hazardous if they get caught in an exercise machine. If you want to look your absolute best, choose outfits that fit your body well and are in colors that flatter you.

2. Choose clothing that is made for exercise
The t-shirt and jeans that you wear are not be suitable for the gym. Workout clothes are designed to keep sweat and moisture away from the body. Cotton t-shirts, while breathable, can keep moisture close to the skin. Jeans similarly trap moisture next to the body and are also too restricting. Instead, shop for fitness wear that is made to be quick drying and moisture wicking. Look for items with polyester, spandex, and mesh ventilation panels.

3. Wear a good sports bra

An important part of looking good in the gym is wearing a good sports bra. Working out can include alot of jumping and running, activities that can cause breast jiggle and discomfort. If you are heavy breasted, look for sports bras with wide straps that provide good support. Make sure they are made of breathable fabrics to avoid chafing.

4. Wear footwear appropriate for your workout
Look for shoes that are appropriate for your exercise routine. Exercise footwear is designed to be activity specific. If you are a runner, look for a good running shoe. If you are an aerobics fanatic, pick a sneaker that is made for aerobic workouts. Picking the right shoe for your activity will guarantee you get the support you need and help you avoid injury.

5. Avoid wearing jewelry

As a general rule, your jewelry should not be a part of your workout ensemble. While you might want to keep your wedding band on, wearing too many rings can make it difficult to grab weights or handles on exercise machines.

Follow these simple tips and you will not only look good inside and out of the gym, but you will enjoy a successful workout too.
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Postby qlmhuge » Wed Oct 07, 2009 10:36 am

Well, Jasmine, that's really useful information for women in Sweden, because they really need it let me tell you. Was this just a bit of article spam, or did you have something worthwhile to say to expats in Sweden?
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