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PostPosted: Sat Jan 13, 2007 1:38 am    Post subject: LOS ANGELES CITY PROFILE / LOS ANGELES CITY PROFILE Reply with quote



Los Angeles is the second largest city in the United States in terms of population and one of the largest in terms of area. It is the centre of a five-county metropolitan area and is considered the prototype of the future metropolis—a city on the cutting edge of all of the advantages and the problems of large urban areas. The glamour of Hollywood, Beverly Hills, the Sunset Strip and the famous beaches have added to Los Angeles's reputation as a California paradise and have contributed to the area's phenomenal growth. Los Angeles is a city of fascinating diversity, incorporating one of the largest Hispanic populations in the United States, a major Asian community, and sizable populations of nearly every ethnic background in the world. Los Angeles is also a centre of international trade and banking, manufacturing and tourism. The city offers something for everyone in its large conglomeration of separate and very different districts: a sleek, ultra-modern downtown, miles of beautiful beaches, mansions and stunning canyon homes built with opulent luxury, and some of the world's most glamorous shopping and dining. Beneath the glitter, though, is a troubled, racially divided city, with extremely high unemployment rates for young African Americans and Latinos.

The City in Brief

Founded: 1781 (incorporated 1850)

Head Official: Mayor James K. Hahn (D) (since 2001)

City Population

1980: 2,966,850

1990: 3,485,557

2000: 3,694,820

2003 estimate: 3,819,951

Percent change, 1990–2000: 5.9%

U.S. rank in 1980: 3rd

U.S. rank in 1990: 2nd (State rank: 1st)

U.S. rank in 2000: 2nd (State rank: 1st)

Metropolitan Area Population (PMSA)

1980: 7,478,000

1990: 8,863,000

2000: 9,519,338

Percent change, 1990–2000: 9.3%

U.S. rank in 1980: 2nd (CMSA)

U.S. rank in 1990: 2nd (CMSA)

U.S. rank in 2000: 2nd (CMSA)

Geography and Climate

Area: 469.1 square miles (2000)

Elevation: 340 feet above sea level

Average Annual Temperature: 63.9° F

Average Annual Precipitation: 17 inches


Major Economic Sectors: Services; manufacturing; government; finance, insurance, and real estate

Unemployment Rate: 5.8% (January 2005)

Per Capita Income: $26,733 (1999)

Cost of Living

Living costs in the metropolitan area are significantly higher than the national average.

The following is a summary of data regarding key cost of living factors for the Los Angeles area.

2004 (3rd Quarter) ACCRA Average House Price: $704,500

2004 (3rd Quarter) ACCRA Cost of Living Index: 155.8 (U.S. average = 100.0)

State income tax rate: Ranges from 1.0% to 9.3%

State sales tax rate: 6.0% (food and prescription drugs are exempt)

Local income tax rate: None

Local sales tax rate: 1.25%

Property tax rate: Varies according to location

Other Information

2002 FBI Crime Index Total: 190,992

Major Colleges and Universities: University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), University of Southern California (USC), California Institute of Technology

Daily Newspaper: Los Angeles Times
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