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Investment In An Icecream Industry

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Investment In An Icecream Industry

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Postby zacksutera » Thu Mar 18, 2010 4:04 am

We're looking for an investor to join our mentor-mentee programme in Indonesia. Now we're running in an Ice cream industry. With a huge market there, our company cannot effort to supply to fullfill a market demand . The demand from the entrepreneurs ( mentee ) also is over of our limitation.

So in this flatform, we're looking for an investor (mentor) who willing to buying an assets and joined our mentor-mentee programme ( hire purchased ) . Where the company as an administrator. And the entrepreneur there as a mentee who running your assets. All documents about the corporation agreement are through a lawyer and stamping.

The minimum price for the asset/unit is Rp 15 Millions / USD 1635.00 and the administration and lawyer fee is Rp 3 Millions / USD 327.00 for one (1) agreement and will be post to your address
( The payment can be pay with your own country currency as long its same as Rp 15 Millions )

You'll get 10% from your capital investment monthly for 36 months and will be pay into your bank account starting 7th day of month (3) three. When the cut off date is 15th every month for enrollment. Its mean, when you joined before 15th of April that month of April is the 1st month. And you'll be pay on the 7th of June. If you joined on 16th April and onward you'll get you payment on the 7th of July. And it's count as a first month from 36 consecutive months of payment.
( The payment will be pay with your own country currency into your account bank )

You can see at www(dot)rainbow-icecream(dot)webs(dot)com
You also can pm me at my email add

Our company
PT Kasturi Klasik Indonesia
Mangga Dua Square Rukan Block B No 19,
Gunung Sahari No 1, Jakarta Pusat. Indonesia
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