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Postby admin » Fri Aug 18, 2006 5:00 am

What is RSS ?

RSS is

an acronym for Really Simple Syndication. It is a quick and easy way to create and use "syndicated content". It

is usually used for news headlines and announcements. Allo' Expat uses RSS to deliver Forum and Topic updates previews to




Find your News Aggregator

The easiest way to experience RSS is

through an RSS "newsreader" or "aggregator". This will provide simple ways to read it by fetching and

organizing recent content. You will find below a list of free RSS


BlogExpress -

Windows Providing a familiar, usable interface and high-usability; BlogExpress stands out as an invaluable tool for those

getting started with RSS.

SharpReader – Windows

While it doesn't provide the myriad of features found in bigger, more expensive clients; it does the job and does it


FeedReader - Windows 98 With more advanced

features and options, it will keep geeks satisfied while giving more growth-room for


NetNewsWire Lite -

Mac OS While not as powerful as its big brother, this is the cleanest and most elegant RSS reader for the Mac


Lifera - Linux with Gnome 2 Lifera

is sure to please the Linux community with its simple, clean, and effective interface and features.

You can also use

some browser like Firefox to read your RSS




Import your Feeds

You then have to locate the web address

(url) of the RSS feed (XML file) that you wish to subscribe. In Allo' Expat it is the hereafter button which is on all


Choose the one you'd like to receive info for and copy and paste the link into the appropriate section of

your RSS reader. You can try to right-click the link and select "copy target address" or something similar.

Please consult the documentation for your RSS reader for more information.

Receive &


The feeds on this site will update you on the latest activity in certain Allo' Expat Forums,

sections or posts. Individual RSS readers will present you the information differently and you can usually customize them


Enjoy !!

You will not have to come to Allo' Expat and find that there

has been no activity, you just have to wait to be updated and receive the summary directly. You can also add RSS feeds from

other sites, blogs or any other internet source very easily.
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Hi guys. Thanks someone is concerned this list.

Postby RtLXPgdrxD » Fri Aug 29, 2014 3:24 pm

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Appreciated, thanks

Postby RtLXPgdrxD » Sat Aug 30, 2014 5:22 am

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