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Postby Denmark Information » Fri Oct 27, 2006 4:34 am


A foreign national can obtain a residence and work permit in Denmark in order to take employment here, but only under certain circumstances.

It is essential that substantial professional or labour-related conditions warrant such a permit: for example, if there are no qualified individuals currently residing in Denmark who can perform a specific job. More specific requirements are detailed on the pages below.

A distinction is made between salaried work and self-employment. As a rule, however, a foreign national must have a residence and work permit in order to engage in either activity. This rule also applies to unpaid work.

Foreign nationals hired within professional areas where there is a lack of specially qualified manpower have easier access to residence and work permits according to the job card scheme. Professional areas where this condition applies are described in the positive list. Furthermore foreign researchers have easier access to residence and work permits.

Furthermore, foreign nationals intending to work in Denmark as members of the clergy, missionaries, etc. may be granted residence permits in Denmark.

It is important to note that the responsibility to acquire a work permit rests with the applicant. If a foreign national works illegally in Denmark, he or she can be deported from the country. Both the employee and his or her employer can also be punished with fines or imprisonment.

People who are exempted from the rules

Some foreign nationals do not need a residence and work permit in order to seek employment in this country. This applies to Nordic citizens as well as individuals eligible under existing rules on free movement within the European Union. If a foreign national already has a humanitarian residence permit or a residence permit obtained according to the rules on asylum or family reunification, he or she does not need a work permit.

In addition, the following groups are exempted from the rules:

* Foreign diplomats residing in Denmark, and others with corresponding diplomatic credentials, as well as accompanying family members and individuals employed in their personal household.

* Personnel working in foreign trains and motor vehicles in international traffic.

* Personnel on Danish commercial ships that are engaged in international traffic, providing the ships call at Danish ports a maximum of 25 times per year.

The following individuals can take employment without a work permit, provided the duration of their stay extends no longer than 3 consecutive months:

* Researchers and lecturers invited to teach, etc. in Denmark.

* Artists, including musicians and other entertainers, whose participation constitutes a substantial or essential part of a noteworthy artistic event.

* Representatives on business trips for foreign firms or companies, which do not have branch offices in Denmark.

* Fitters, consultants or instructors hired to fit, install, inspect or repair machines, equipment, computer programmes or similar items, or inform on the use of such items, provided the individual is employed by the firm that manufactured the equipment.

* Individuals employed in the household of foreigners visiting Denmark for up to 3 months.

* Professional athletes and trainers, who will be competing in individual major athletic events or participating in a tryout for a Danish sports club. If an employment contract is signed, a residence and work permit must be obtained before the individual can begin working. Training after a contract is signed is considered work, and therefore requires a work permit.

Exemption from the work permit requirement does not waive the requirement for a visa. An employee working in Denmark under whatever circumstances must always have a visa if he or she is a citizen of a country with a visa requirement to enter Denmark.
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