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Tenby Int'l school in Shah Alam

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Tenby Int'l school in Shah Alam

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Postby Yogacrazy » Wed Dec 03, 2008 9:44 pm


Does anybody have view/experience on Tenby in Shah Alam which just opened 2 months ago.
I visited Tenby. The staff there are friendly and currently have about 200 or 300 kids. They will be opening Local Private school next year (throwing 2 year school fee free for the one who purchased Blow in Setia EcoPark). Basically their Int'l School and Local Private school will share the facilities and have chance to meet at after school activites etc.
The teachers are mainly from neighboring countries like Spore and Malaysians. I felt like it looks OK (as they just opened recently) but it looks like Local Int'l school (meaning most of them are M'sians). It is great to make friends with Malaysians and I like their concept of mixing with another private school. But, I wonder how they can keep the environment of International school? How's the teachers' level? There's no teachers from US/Europe/Australia for their core subjets...
How's their educational level?
As it is quite difficult to get an insight view on this school as it is just so new.
Grateful if anybody could share the opinions or experiences on Tenby.
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