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very short skirts ...good or bad ?

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very short skirts ...good or bad ?

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Postby jasmine007 » Mon Sep 15, 2008 6:34 pm

Perhaps many women simply do not have shapely enough legs that can carry off the wearing of a very short skirt gracefully.
Legs have to be more than shapely they also have to be attractive. Nylon stockings make legs more attractive but this is evidently a personal choice .

Not only are our legs not elegant or sexy enough to show off in a very short skirt but our posture isn't observed enough to NOT show off more than we intended. How many times have your eyes been drawn to the sudden hiking of a skirt thigh high? More times than many men would like their wives or partners to know about anyway, I'll bet.
The sudden hiking of a skirt thigh high can be improved upon if the woman is wearing pantyhose nylon stockings. At least these look a bit sexier than the sudden appearance of fish-belly white thighs.

>>>>>But from this woman's perspective, another of the disadvantages of wearing a very short skirt is **********the breeze factor*******. Don't laugh, but getting a sudden gust of cold wind up bare legs is cold and disconcerting, to be polite.<<<<<<<<<

Very short Skirts leave a lot of bare leg open to the elements and this is very disadvantageous as far as most women are concerned
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