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Kuwait International School - Kuwait expatriates schools

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Postby Admin2 » Wed May 31, 2006 4:09 am

Kuwait International School - Kuwait expatriates schools

The American Academy for Girls

PO Box 6087, Hawalli, Kuwait City, 32035, Kuwait
Tel: (+965) 563 9612/14/15
Fax: (+965) 563 9648

School Summary:
US curriculum.
830 students, 3-18 yrs.

The American Academy for Girls (AAG) opened in September 1996 to provide a US curriculum and a setting for girls only. AAG admits students of any nationality. This setting provides the opportunity for girls to prepare for college and universities in the US and is sensitive to the Arabic culture. AAG's curriculum covers grades Kindergarten through twelfth grade. Courses include science, math, English, social studies, music, band, art, physical education, French, Spanish, Arabic language, computer and support services such as reading lab, ESL, resource program. AAG offers a full program of extra-curricular sports, after school activities, fine arts and cultural activities for all students.

The The American Academy for Girls school day is from 7:20 to 2:30, Saturday through Wednesday. The academic year runs from September through early June. The average class size is 18 students. It is the American Academy for Girls’s goal at all grade levels, to develop the whole child. The development of self is an important feature of the school program. The high school provides many opportunities for the students to become more independent academically, to explore career options and interests, and prepare for college.

The American Academy for Girls campus consist of 56 classrooms, three science labs, two art rooms, four computer labs, a library/media center, an indoor pool, a multi-purpose auditorium and three outdoor play areas. All areas of the school are equipped with the latest editions of textbooks and equipment. AAG was accredited by CIS and MSA in 2001.

The American School of Kuwait

PO Box 6735, Hawalli, Kuwait City, 32042, Kuwait
Tel: (+965) 266 4341/265 5172
Fax: (+965) 265 0438

School Summary:
US curriculum.
1400 students, 3-18 yrs.

The American School of Kuwait was founded in 1964 by American and Kuwait citizens who wished to organize a school to provide a US curriculum for students preparing for American Universities. The school continues its mission to prepare students of all nationalities for US colleges and universities.

American School of Kuwait serves some 1,385 children from pre-kindergarten through grade 12. In addition to the school's normal academic and co-curricular programs, the following are available: ESL, reading and learning disabilities; Advance Placement, Computer Studies K-12, Arabic, Spanish and French Languages, Instrumental and Choral Music, etc.

Approximately 40% of the faculty at American School of Kuwait hold advanced degrees.

North Americans comprise 35% of ASK's student body. Fifty percent are Kuwaitis, and the remaining students come from more than 34 other countries. More than 95% of ASK's students continue their formal education in colleges and universities throughout the world, primarily in the USA.

American School of Kuwait's school year begins in September and ends in mid-June. A full program of extra-curricular sports, fine arts and cultural activities is available for students from grades 1-12.

The American School of Kuwait is located on a large campus in suburban Kuwait. The facilities include 102 classrooms, 32 laboratories (five computer, four music, five art, seven electronic media, ten science), two large library/media centers, two gymnasiums, an indoor semi-Olympic pool, a fitness center, a large multi-purpose auditorium, three outdoor play areas, etc.

The British School of Kuwait

PO Box 26922, Safat, Kuwait City, 13130, Kuwait
Tel: (+965) 562 1701
Fax: (+965) 562 4903

School Summary:
National, UK, curricula.
1400 students, 3-19

The British School of Kuwait is a large international school catering for 1,400 students from 55 nationalities between the ages of 3 and 19. The school was founded in 1978, and in 1993 moved to its present spacious campus in Salwa. A full range of examination courses is provided including 'AS' and 'A2' level courses in the sciences, the humanities, music, art, drama, business studies and economics, computer studies and French. The Sixth-Form numbers 85 and teaching takes place in the large, new Britannia Sixth-Form Centre.

The curriculum at the British School of Kuwait is designed in accordance with the principles of the British education system and the medium of teaching is English apart from in Arabic, Islamic Studies and French and German language lessons. Due regard is paid to the cultural context of the Middle East and the traditions of the 55 nations from which students come. All the English-speaking teachers at BSK are recruited in the United Kingdom. They are all highly qualified and recognized by the UK Department for Education and Skills.

British School of Kuwait places a strong emphasis on the all-round education of students through the provision of a rigorous academic curriculum and access to a range of specialized 'British Schools' including those for ballet, basketball, chess and bridge, computing, creative arts, gymnastics, languages, martial arts, music, soccer, speech and drama, swimming and yoga. There are many opportunities to participate in drama and music productions as well as to join sports teams involved in inter-school competitions

Among the excellent facilities at the British School of Kuwait are the Charles Babbage Computer Centre, with 60 networked Pentium PCs, a suite of modern laboratories for physics, chemistry and biology, a large Learning Resource Centre, a theatre and a suite of art and music rooms including the Bernard Leach Ceramics Studio. Provision for sport includes a heated swimming pool, a gymnasium, two astro-turf tennis courts, and an international standard basketball court.

In 2003 the British School of Kuwait embarked on a project that will equip all its students from Y3-Y13 with personal laptop computers.

The school year runs from September to June and a summer school is offered during July. BSK welcomes students of all nationalities who are able to demonstrate that they can take advantage of an academically challenging education. All prospective students are interviewed and are required to take an entrance examination.

Cascade British Nursery School of Kuwait

Street 24
Block 6

School Profile:
Nursery School
Founded 2006
students, aged 1.5 - 4
British curriculum, early years learning

Cascade is a new British Nursery School for children of 1½ - 4 years of age.
Each child is unique and special. From the age of three months to the pre-school year every girl and boy goes through an astonishing period of development. These few years are crucial for your child s future as he or she moves into more formal schooling and then adult life beyond.
It is vital therefore to get those first months and years right.
In Cascade our aim is to provide a safe, secure and caring environment for all the children in our care. We strive to nurture your child in bright, happy, stimulating and educationally structured surroundings.
Our experienced team of British qualified Nursery Nurses realise how important it is for your child to settle quickly and happily into Nursery. They are expert in identifying the specific needs of your child as he or she progresses through these pre-school years.
Through structured play, children will develop essential communication skills, learn to listen attentively and communicate orally with adults as well as other children. They will learn how to interact with others, how to share and take turns and begin to appreciate the need for good manners.
At all times the staff encourage a positive attitude in every child. Our holistic approach means that all girls and boys participate in all Nursery activities, thus ensuring equal opportunities for all.
With this in mind, we are very fortunate to have a large, safe, grassed garden for the exclusive use of our Nursery children. This extends our opportunities for outdoor play and physical development.
The curriculum covers five areas of learning:
emotional, personal and social development
expressive and aesthetic development
physical development and movement
communication and language
knowledge and understanding of the world.
So, please come for a look round. We would be delighted to meet you to discuss your child s needs, at a time that is convenient for you. Just give us a call to arrange an appointment. We look forward to seeing you here!

Gulf English School

PO Box 33106, Rumaithiya, 25562, Kuwait
Tel: (+965) 565 9361/7579
Fax: (+965) 565 0758

School Summary:
UK curriculum.
GCE, IGCSE exams.
1700 students, 3-18 yrs.

The Gulf English School is a well-established and expanding international school for the children of the large expatriate community in Kuwait and an increasing number of Kuwaiti children. It is located in purpose-built, landscaped premises in Rumaithiya, a spacious suburb of Kuwait City. The school's 1,735 pupils follow a modified English National Curriculum (Arabic and Islamic Studies are included in the core curriculum) from Kindergarten to Key Stage 1 through to university entrance. A distinctive feature is an accelerated IGCSE programme for gifted and talented children leading to IGCSE examinations in Year 10 and 'AS'/'A' Levels (science subjects, computer studies, English, business studies, maths, accounting, Arabic and Art ) in Years 11 and 12. The Learning Support Department offers differentiated learning, according to need, for students with ESL or special learning difficulties. A full programme of daily extra curricular activities includes ice-skating, karate and many other sports, instrumental lessons with various ensembles and choirs, chess and fine arts. Students elect their representatives on to a Student Council which organizes social and other activities at the school.

Approximately 60% of students at Gulf English School are Kuwaiti nationals, 25% Egyptian and about 30 different nationalities make up the remaining 15%. Almost all students go on to tertiary education either in Kuwait, Egypt, Lebanon, UK, US, Canada or elsewhere.

The vast majority of teachers at Gulf English School are recruited in London. They are graduate teachers with experience of successful teaching in the UK. Highly qualified teachers of Arabic and Islamic Studies are recruited locally. In an atmosphere of high expectations, teachers employ a wide range of teaching strategies and resources. Teachers meet regularly in small teams for planning, progress monitoring and discussion of curriculum delivery. The school operates a teacher appraisal system with a well-structured staff development programme.

Further information about the Gulf English School can be obtained from the school’s website. Application details, prospectus and video are available from the Director of Educational Services.

New English School, Kuwait

PO Box 6156, Hawalli, 32036, Kuwait
Tel: (+965) 531 8060/1
Fax: (+965) 531 9924

School Summary:
National, UK, curricula.
IGCSE, GCE exams.
1990 students, 3-18 yrs.

The New English School, founded in 1969 by Tareq Sayed Rajab, is a co-educational British curriculum, English medium school which caters for children between the ages of 3½ and 18. The school is housed in purpose-built, centrally air-conditioned accommodation and provides up-to-date facilities for two departments, Secondary and Primary (Junior, Infant and Kindergarten). There are 1,800 students on roll. The school intends to stabilise at this level of enrolment.

The Secondary Department at New English School consists of 35 classrooms, three fully-equipped laboratories for each of physics, chemistry and biology, two specialist geography rooms, two specialist computer centres, a specialist music suite, two gymnasia, an audio-visual resource centre and a library containing 20,000 volumes. The school is a centre for International GCSE (Cambridge University) and GCE 'A' Levels (London University). The Primary Department has 32 classrooms, a library and a specialist music room for each of the Infant and Junior sections, and a fully equipped Computer Centre.

The whole school of New English School has access to an all-purpose hall and a fully-equipped armchair theatre. It operates a comprehensive programme of extra-curricular activities and has established strong traditions and high standards in sport, music and the dramatic arts.

Most teachers are recruited from Britain on overseas contracts. A few British teachers are recruited locally as are all teachers of Arabic and Islamic Studies.

The New English School's alumni attend prestigious universities worldwide. The first school ever to stage a performance at the Edinburgh Festival, drama and music are recognized by both school and community to be of the highest level.

The English School, Kuwait

PO Box 379, Safat, 13004, Kuwait
Tel: (+965) 563 7205/6/7
Fax: (+965) 563 7147

School Summary:
UK curriculum.
460 students, 2-13 yrs.

The English School, Kuwait founded in 1953 under the auspices of the British Embassy, is the longest established school in Kuwait catering for the expatriate community. The school operates as a not-for-profit, private co-educational establishment providing the highest standards in education for children of Pre-Kindergarten to Middle/Preparatory School age. The school is registered with the United Kingdom Department for Education and Skills (DfES No. 703 6052) and the Headmaster is a Member of the Incorporated Association of Preparatory Schools. The roll is predominantly British, as are the resources and texts. With the exception of foreign language teachers, all teaching staff are British and qualified in the United Kingdom. The number of pupils in the school continues to increase although the average class size remains around 20.

The curriculum at the English School, Kuwait is British, contemporary and aiming for the best of traditional standards being sought within a broad-based structure. Class teachers are supported by specialist subject teachers in English, maths, science, art, information technology, music, French, Arabic, library and PE and games. Music is taught to all ages and French is introduced from Year 3. The Foundation Stage and National Curriculum for England and Wales are used as the core for the curriculum followed by the school. Formal End-of-Key Stage assessment of ability takes place in Years 2 and 6. In addition the pupils are prepared for entrance tests to other schools including, where appropriate, Common Entrance Examinations at 11+, 12+ and 13+, and scholarship examinations. The school offers scholarships and bursaries in appropriate circumstances.

Responsibility for the English School, Kuwait is vested in the Governing Committee who serve in a voluntary capacity.

The English School, Kuwait seeks to provide a caring learning environment within which the children will be stimulated to develop their individual capacity for achievement to its fullest potential. Each individual is directed towards self-discipline and respect for himself/herself and for others. Strong emphasis is placed on academic study, together with a wide range of non-academic activities to provide a balance, within the stimulating and friendly family orientated school. The aim is to ensure that, by achieving standards equivalent to those of competitive private and State schools in Britain, pupils are well prepared for the subsequent stages of their academic development whether in Britain, Kuwait or elsewhere in the world and that they will integrate socially with ease in their new environment.

Universal American School

PO Box 17035, Khaldiya, Kuwait City, 72451, Kuwait
Tel: (+965) 562 0297
Fax: (+965) 562 5343

School Summary:
US curriculum.
1010 students, 3-19 yrs

The Universal American School, Kuwait is a non-profit, private co-educational, college- preparatory, day school. Founded in 1976, serving a multi-national student body of around 1,100 students from nursery to grade 12. UAS is accredited by the Council of International Schools, UK, New England Association of Schools and Colleges, USA and The Ministry of Education, Kuwait.

Universal American School, Kuwait offers a full American program with Arabic (for Arabs), Arabic-as a foreign language, French and Spanish as required. To receive the UAS diploma, a student must complete up to 28 credits in English mathematics, the natural sciences, the social sciences, world language (s), Islamic religion (Moslems only), computer technology, physical education and electives. The College Board's Advanced Placement Program and its AP International Diploma are integral parts of the high school program. Twelve AP courses are currently offered at UAS. Counseling services are provided and include preparation for TOEFL, PSAT, SAT, PLAN, ACT and school-wide achievement tests. College admissions are served by the College Board's ExPan services.

All teachers at Universal American School, Kuwait are qualified and many have served at UAS for years. The faculty is 71% holding Bachelor's (many hold Master's) degrees in addition to the required teaching certification from each teacher’s respective state/country. The school year comprises four semesters (two terms for a 4X4 'Accelerated Block' schedule) between late August and early-June. Report cards are issued at the end of each semester.

Extracurricular activities include a range of sports, drama, art, music, band, yearbook, and journalism, Model UN, student government, spring carnival, computer club, chess and many more. The sports program includes the major sports of basketball, soccer, volleyball and track and field. UAS is a member of the KFSAC and ISAC, local and regional activities conferences, respectively, and is a UNESCO Associated School.

The Universal American School, Kuwait is located in purpose-built facilities on a two-acre site in Salwa, a suburb of Kuwait City. Facilities include science labs, libraries/media center, mini-gymnasium, auditorium, and computer labs. Bus transportation is available from Kuwait and the surrounding communities.

Universal American School, Kuwait employs selective students’ admissions procedures based on interviews and entrance examinations at all levels.

Source: english-schools.org

French School of Kuwait

Lycée Français de Koweït,
Rue Hamad El-Mobarak,
P.O. Box 9450 Salmiya - 22095 Salmiya. Koweït
Tél : +965 573 00 24 / 25 / 26 - Fax : 573 00 27

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