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Problem with maid and boyfriend

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Problem with maid and boyfriend

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Postby rose888xyz » Tue Sep 16, 2008 4:55 pm

Hello expats.

I just would like to seek some advice. I recently had a problem with my maid and her boyfriend. I found out that she has allowed the man to come inside our home and so I fired her. She lives in the province so I sent her back.

When she left, we received a few prank calls which we suspect is the boyfriend. This was 3 weeks ago. It stopped because we reported the matter to the building admin.

We recently found out that the boyfriend is sending money to my ex-maid so she can come back to Jakarta.

I am concerned they might plan something bad or do some harm to my family, specially to my kid.

Is this something to worry about? What should I do? Anybody experienced similar problem?

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