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Moving to Chile

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Moving to Chile

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Postby AussieMum » Sat May 09, 2009 8:56 am

My Husband has just accepted a job and we will be moving from Australia to Antofagasta in July. We have a little girl (2years old). I don't speak any Spanish But my Husband grew up in Chile so is fluent in both English and Spanish. I am actually very very scared about the move and not knowing what I need to do before moving over there. It is not an ideal situation because my Husband will be working away 3 nights a week.

It is with a large company so they should be organising everything for us.

I hope there are some English speakers there until I get my head around Spanish.

What do I really need to know prior to the move and what is Antofagasta like. Where should I go and where shouldn't I go. Is there a better part of town to live in and what are the houses like?
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