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Shopping In Brunei Guide (Supermarket, household, etc...)

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Shopping In Brunei Guide (Supermarket, household, etc...)

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Postby Brunei information » Sun Apr 24, 2005 12:07 pm

Shopping In Brunei Guide

There are two main shopping areas within driving distance of all the Married Quarters and hirings. They are the towns of Seria and Kuala Belait. Both places have banks and ATM machines and a variety of different shops. In both areas you can purchase the following goods;
Electrical goods,
Cards & Gifts,
Music CD's, DVD's and Video's, Video Movies.

There are also shops that supply material, dressmaking facilities, dry cleaners, carpets, furniture and furnishings and much more. As you can see you can purchase almost anything from the two main areas. You also have small shops and department stores en-route to both shopping areas, which sell a number of different products. Listed below is a short guide to the local shops and supermarkets in our area, however, note that the main shopping areas in Gadong, and the city, Bandar, is only an hours drive away. Also you can cross the border into Sarawak (Malaysia) to visit the town of Miri. All areas have excellent shopping and well worth a trip during the weekend. Miri, Bandar and Gadong also have several fast food outlets, these include McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Deli France, Dunkin Donuts and many more.

Furniture and Household Items

Kuala Belait has a Furniture shop named Courts, who have a wide selection of furniture and home-furnishings at very reasonable prices. The store will also deliver direct to your door. Seria, Bandar, Gadong and Miri also have a wide selection of furniture stores. There are also several little shops plotted around the area where you can purchase these items. BODY SHOP Kuala Belait has it's own Body Shop, selling virtually the same goods as elsewhere with a selection of toiletries and gift sets. CHEMIST In the Plaza at Seria, on the second floor is Guardian, the Chemist. In this store you are able to purchase all types of toiletries and various types of medicines, tablets, make-up, hair accessories, hosiery, sun tan lotions, bubble bath, shampoo, conditioners, medical products such as creams, plasters and bandages, the list is endless. This particular store maintains a large supply of goods however, should a product not appear on the shelf do ask the assistants for help, it may be that the product has been delayed arriving. The assistants are very helpful and will advise you when the product will next be available.

Mail Order

The majority of families have a mail order catalogue, however, if you have not please call into the HIVE for addresses of mail order companies in order to obtain your own catalogue to order as and when you need too. The following Companies will deliver to Brunei via Mail Order, Tescos's baby/home/gifts, Gratton, Kays & Co, Choice, Littlewoods, Argus Direct, Early Learning Centre, Studio Cards & Gifts, Next Directory, Britannia Music Club, Lakeside Plastics, Mothercare and many more. The Internet is also a good source for buying goods, however you must be careful when sending credit card details over the net, it is advisable to use the telephone or fax machine, alternatively check the Internet has a secure line. Many other named shops will deliver from the Internet for example Dorothy Perkins,and a variety of book and magazine companies.


The main supermarket is within driving distance and is called SuperSave, which caters for both locals and for the Westerners that live in Brunei. They have fresh fruit, vegetables, bread, bread rolls and fresh meat. The food in is made up from local produce and imported goods from Australia and England. Supersave have several brand name foods that are known to the majority of us i.e.; McVities, Walkers, Kellogg's, Iceland Frozen Foods, Tesco's home brands, Cadburys, Mr. Kiplings, Jacobs and many more. Supersave provide a selection of cheeses, butter, yogurts, fresh sauces /dips from all parts of the world. For mothers with young babies Supersave provide a selection of baby foods including SMA milk together with a variety of nappies and toys. During Easter and Christmas Supersave import Easter Eggs, Mince Pies, Mincemeat, Turkey, Party Crackers, Party Packs, Christmas Cake, Christmas Puddings, plus much more to cater for our celebrations. All in all Supersave cater for us very well, stocks are usualy high with frequent shipments of imported goods arriving regularly. As mentioned earlier most local shops have a Pork section, Supersave being one of them. Part of the shop is cornered off for all Pork related products and purchases, however these goods must be paid for at the counter in this section and not at the main checkout.

DRESSMAKING Brunei gives you the perfect opportunity to get all those dream dresses and ballgowns made as material and dressmaking is very cheap in here. Both Seria and Kuala Belait have several Material Shops with a section of the store partitioned off containing the dressmaking facility. All types of Material can be purchased from Silk, Cotton, Velvet and other textures. Any design can be made to your particular taste; all shops will have books and magazines containing a wide range of designs for you to choose from. Should you have a design of your own or a picture of a particular design, take this to the dressmaker and they will be happy to assist. The dressmakers will make curtains, cushion covers, quilt covers, tablecloths, in-fact anything you require. The shop will provide the lining and zips, buttons etc for your garment, however you may purchase your own if you wish to do so. Both areas, along the main streets have material shops and dressmakers it is your own personal choice which one you choose.

CLOTHING AND SHOES Kuala Belait and Seria both have several clothes and shoe shops for you to choose from. However it should be noted that the clothes do come smaller than European sizes, it is therefore advisable to try goods on before leaving the shop. Shoe sizes again are very different, however once you have tried the shoes on you will know what size is required. Prices vary on the item you wish to purchase so shop around. Clothing and footwear for children are also available. The shops provide all the necessities required for your children and the expectant mother. Cotton underwear however, is quite difficult to obtain in Brunei, it is therefore advisable to bring plenty with you or use mail order
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