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Postby Barbados Info » Tue Nov 14, 2006 11:39 am


Barbados is a Caribbean destination that offers a mix of International and regional cuisine that can be found in a variety of unique locations offering different experiences, styles and flavours. From elegant five-star dining and romantic ocean-front settings to casual eateries and lively beachside cafes the dining options in Barbados will satisfy every taste and budget. Offering some of the best cuisine in the Caribbean, Barbados has everything from fresh local seafood and distinctive Caribbean dishes to exotic buffets and International cuisine such as French, Italian and Japanese. Dining locations in Barbados are as varied as the flavours of the food and include cliffs overlooking the water, lush garden surrounded by Bajan flora and fauna, in an old plantation estate house and by candlelight on one of the island’s pristine beaches.

The national dish of Barbados is flying fish and cou cou. Flying fish is usually served lightly breaded and fried with a yellow sauce which consists of a very hot scotch bonnet pepper and cou cou is made from corn meal and okra and is usually served with fish or stews. Other Bajan favourites include pepperpot which is a pork stew in a spicy dark brown sauce, macaroni pie, cole slaw, rice, pumpkin fritters and cucumber salad. Possibly two of the best destinations in Barbados to sample some local flavours are in Oistins and at the Plantation Restaurant. Oistins is a small fishing village on the south coast of Barbados. Every Friday locals and visitors make their way to this friendly village that features some of the island’s best barbecued chicken, flying fish, sweet potato, fish cakes and a variety of other island delights. This outdoor street festival has become one of Barbados’ biggest social gatherings and combines large portions of tasty Bajan cuisine with upbeat live music and a friendly and laid back Caribbean atmosphere. The Plantation Restaurant serves up a delicious Bajan buffet to accompany the Bajan Roots & Rhythms which is a lively stage show. This dinner and stage show is the only one in Barbados and offers guests a genuine representation of West Indian culture as well as some of the best Bajan food on the island. Located in the St. Lawrence Gap, the Plantation Restaurant is surrounded by many of Barbados’ most popular fine dining restaurants, luxury accommodations, lively nightlife and great shopping.

The St. Lawrence Gap, often referred to as the Gap, is also the home of the Restaurant at Southseas which is one of Barbados’ most elegant fine dining restaurants. Located in a traditional Barbadian home by the ocean the Restaurant at Southseas has received praises on its cuisine, ambience and service since its opening. Guests can make a selection from the International menu which includes popular dishes such as Caribbean lobster and mixed peppercorn crusted grilled rib eye steak which can be enjoyed in beautifully landscaped gardens that overlook a romantic secluded cove. The flawlessly executed cuisine combined with an exceptional wine and brandy selection, attentive service and unforgettable tropical views make the Restaurant at Southseas one of the Caribbean’s most popular dining destinations. Dining in Barbados is considered an event and the Restaurant at Southseas as well as most of restaurants on the island recommends that reservations are made well in advance to ensure a great dining experience at the destination of your choice.

For a more casual dining experience Barbados offers everything from fast food restaurants and beachside cafes to friendly sports bars and resort buffets. Chefette is one of Barbados’ most popular fast food options and locations can be found scattered all over the island. Stop in for a quick bite to eat and enjoy a selection from the menu that includes chicken nuggets, sandwiches, salads and pizza. Keep in mind that most pizza in Barbados is made with goat cheese which adds a unique flavour but does not melt very well. You may want to inquire before you order as to what kind of cheese is used. Another great location for a quick snack is at Bubba’s Sports Bar and Restaurant. This lively sports bar features all your favourite sporting events, delicious ice cold tropical drinks and a menu complete with appetizers, soups, salads and generous meat and pasta dishes.

The resorts in Barbados offer a world of fine dining options that include relaxing poolside restaurants, plentiful buffets and delicious a la carte restaurants. Many of the hotels and resorts in Barbados are all-inclusive. This feature allows guests to take advantage of one flat rate that includes first rate accommodations as well as a variety of beach activities, nighttime entertainment, fine dining, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and even taxes and gratuities. Barbados Beach Club is one of the many elegant all-inclusive resorts on the island that offers the best value for your money. The all-inclusive plan offered at the Barbados Beach Club allows guests to enjoy a variety of cuisines and dining styles without having to worry about cost. Enjoy a buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner, a la carte Italian cuisine or savor the Caribbean cuisine offered at the Sea Rocks Restaurant which specializes in fresh local seafood.
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